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Standards Based Grading for Learning at WDHS

Standards Based Grading for Learning at WDHS

Starting with the 2022-23 school year, Wisconsin Dells High School will transition to Standards Based Grading for Learning. 

What’s NOT Changing in 2022-23?

  • The use of letter grades.
  • The use of a grade point average.
  • The use of Skyward as our reporting tool.

What IS Changing in 2022-23?

  • How a letter grade is determined (based on proficiency against standards).
  • How assessments are designed in our classes to be standard specific. Assessments will measure standards. Scores are therefore entered in Skyward for each individual standard, rather than an overall score for each assessment.
  • How we report behaviors and life skills separate from academic grades. 
  • How Skyward looks to the guardian, student, and instructor. We will begin using components of Skyward that are designed to support districts doing Standards Based Grading for Learning.